2018- Mazda 6 (GL) 2.5T OTS tune

This is OTS map for stock or near stock cars.
The customer must have a mazdaEdit license and OpenPort 2.0 interface before any tune can be completed.

Measured values crank 258KM 411Nm

Power gains achieved under development on dyno, up to:

+82Nm peak torque gained, 493Nm at 3290rpm
+95Nm torque gained at 2600rpm

+41hp peak gain, 299hp at 4445rpm
+ 45hp gain from 5400 to 6000rpm

Crank values on load dyno (MAHA)!

Once the tune has been purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with future instructions.
Base map files are typically sent out within 2-3 business days after email is received.

Under no circumstances are refunds granted once the base calibration is made and sent via e

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